MABCR Beautiful Lil Devil

Kylie's First Picture
      Call Name:  Kylie
      Registered Name:  MABCR Beautiful Lil Devil
      Born:  June 1, 2005 (Approximate) / October 27, 2005 (Supposed)
      Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:  November 17, 2020
      Height:  19.0 inches
      Weight:  24 pounds
      Rescued From:  Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue
      Adoption Date:  July 15, 2006
Kylie Cute Chair

Biography:  Kylie is the newest edition to the family. She's is an amazing dog and is just the sweetest & cutest thing with four paws.

She is already starting to show signs of her love for agility. She started appearing on the NADAC circuit this year, where she is competing at the 16" skilled class. Right now she is currently enjoying running tunnels, jumps, and starting to learn her contacts. She loves her distance work, but hates to wait on the start line. She looks to be a natural at agility.

Kylie received her first qualifying run in agility on March 15th, 2009. In only her second trial (and second tunnelers run), she placed first in a group of 10 dogs in Novice Tunnelers. Her novice run time shattered the Elite course time and beat all of the Open dogs in her class. She even out ran her brother! When her run was done, she didn't want to stop there. She wanted to keep on doing those tunnels. On September 12th, she showed her love of Jumpers with her fast, clean runs. On September 13th, 2009, Kylie earned her first agility title in Novice Tunnelers. Here's to a future of tearin' up agility courses!.

In July 2009, Kylie started sheep herding. She has a lot of natural potential. Didn't take her long to settle in and begin casting. She also began displaying her natural ability to find balance. She loves working sheep!

She has got an awesome future ahead of her.

Kylie Chair

Kylie Portrait
      Favorite Hobbies:  Greeting People, Agility, Tugging, Going for Car Rides, Playing with Toby and Toys
      Favorite Foods:  Liver
      Favorite Toys:  Tug Toys, Balls, Nylon Bone
      Favorite Petting Spots:  Ears

Kylie Smiling Kylie Down Smiling Kylie & Toby Kylie Smiling

Kylie & I would like to take a moment to thank Michele for bringing us together. We would also like to thank Vickie for her help with getting us on the right track.

Kylie would also like to take a moment to apologize for the heart attacks she has given people. She just wants to have fun.

Kylie would like to give a shout out to her favorite person... "Daddy, I wuv you!"


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